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A bit about the organization and event:
This golf tournament is intended to bring joy to 700+ first responders who are attending the PSPSA training conference. At this conference, Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies, Dispatcher, District Attorneys, Probation Officers, Correctional Officers, United States Federal Marshals, DEA, FBI, Paramedics, and Firefighters are trained above and beyond their typical role to support one another in times of crisis:  post traumatic stress, addictions, relationship challenges both at work and at home, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, burn out and compassion fatigue. 
Our peers are available to listen, understand, refer and create a safe environment for anyone in a personal crisis. In 2014 a horrible statistic was published that changed the way we deal with traumatic stress on a daily basis and more importantly on a long term cumulative basis. The 2014 stat stated that more first responders died by suicide than by traumatic line of duty deaths. We are working daily to bring this number down by providing training, support and a referral service built by networking with each other.